Tuesday, June 17, 2008

1 Month Old

Syafiq dh 1 bulan..sekejap je dia dh sebulan..aku rase mcm baru je semalam aku bersalin..aku story skit le psal perkembangan Syafiq @ Afiq..
  • skarang ni dia dh aktif skit..dh pandai keras2kn badan n kaki..tgn pn dh byk gerak2
  • muka Afiq pn dh bulat sbb kuat minum susu...dagu pn bukan 2 lapis..2 3 lapis kot..heheh
  • kuat nangis..pantang celik mata mesti nangis...
  • dah pandai tegur2 org yg dukung dia..ade le kuar suara2 menegur tu..
  • dh pandai tengok org or benda2 di depan mata dia..
Gamabr Afiq nanti aku upload ek...


Your baby will be watching, listening and picking up clues on how humans interact with each other, by studying your movements. He is also beginning to recognize immediate family members, and may respond to coos and smiles from others. But the real thrill is that in the next few weeks he will begin to "talk" himself - that is, coo, gurgle, grunt, and hum, to express his feelings. It's amazing how quickly they grow and change in the first few weeks!

It's not too early to create a routine for your baby that you follow every day. This will help your baby learn to trust his environment. It will also help him learn how to sleep through the night, by creating a ritual that is identified with bedtime. However, don't be dismayed if your baby continues to wake in the night for many weeks to come. When it comes to normal sleeping patterns, remember there are as many variations of normal as there are babies!

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